You all know by now that wascally wabbits are the bane of my existence.  They eat and nibble my plants and nothing I do seems to dissuade them.  While weeding the other day I came across what at first glance looked like an old birds nest.  I looked closer and saw fur around the edges.  I gently peeled back the top layer and there they were… baby bunnies… five of them.



What to do?  Couldn’t relocate them while momma was still around, so I just watched them grow.  You can see how small they are  – those are violet leaves nearby.


Then one day they were out of the nest and hiding


You can see the chicken wire cages I have made to keep the nibbling to a minimum.  They aren’t pretty, but they mostly work.


Another little guy hiding


Here are some close relatives on the front lawn



The little ones seem to have hopped off… or they are just hiding out .  They sure are cute but they will grow up and do all the things bunnies do.  Sigh….

Meanwhile this family showed up


And a spotted fawn ran across the meadow yesterday afternoon, no photo unfortunately.

Wild kingdom around here these days.




One thought on “Bunnies

  1. Penny, these photos seem right out of a Beatrix potter book. I know you have very contradictory feelings, but your affection for the babies shows in your photos. Sorry. They really are pretty cute! 🐰🐰🐇

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