Sometimes garden ideas work…

I move things around in the garden all the time.  Sometimes its because plants get too big, or they aren’t thriving in a particular spot, or I just don’t like them any more.  I love my daylilies but in the spring there is just a big mass of foliage in that area of the garden. It needed some “pop”.  So last fall, I planted a whole bunch of allium in between the daylilies.   The plan was two fold – one: bring some color to the area while waiting for the daylily blooms and two: hope the daylily foliage would hide the decaying and ugly allium foliage.  I think it worked!


The tangerine colored azalea took a hit in the drought last year but it is still alive.. I love the color behind the allium


Another combo that worked is the blue Camassia, yellow Trolius behind the red peony ‘Early Scout” with some yellow Zizia aptera in the foreground


Tree peony from friend Olga has tons of blossoms this year


Iris ‘Eleanor Roosevelt’ and a little garter snake sticking his head out of the rocks.. can you spy his little black eye?


This lavender hued Iberis taurica given to me by rock gardener Peter G. is gorgeous this spring and one of the few things the rabbits aren’t nibbling.


Yellow trillium from friend Effie


I don’t know what this is .. it looks like a wild primrose of some sort.. I found it while weeding out invasives under a pine tree at the edge of the garden. It’s quite sweet so I moved it up to the woodland garden area so I could see it better and not lose it.


And here is a lovely white Primrose sieboldii


We have had a lot of rain so things are quite lush.  The rabbits and voles continue to munch their way through the garden.  I had some lovely little dianthus I was going to show you but it got eaten.  I have sprayed plants and put individual chicken wire cages around most things and put out Havaharts.   The wire isn’t attractive but its about the only thing that works.  (you can see some of the wire behind the yellow trillium).  The groundhog has been sighted a few times.. I hope he was just wandering through and won’t be back.  Varmints!



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