Garden visitors

It has been a loooooong siege of rain, wind, cold, rain, mist, rain etc.  There is a silver lining – we are not in drought any longer and the spring flowers lasted a long time.   I haven’t been able to get out and do much gardening, but the forecast looks promising this week.    It is supposed to be 90 on Thursday… bye bye tulips.

There are many critters that visit my garden.. some welcome and some not.

Peter Cottontail  and his pals visit often – he’s cute but I wish he would just eat the violets and leave everything else alone


A squirrel using her wiles to figure out the squirrel proof feeder


Mr. and Mrs. Canada Goose and their goslings crossing the front lawn


Rose-breasted Grosbeak at the feeder


Indigo Bunting (wow) at the feeder


Dragonfly sculpture  – a Mother’s Day gift from my daughter-in law Amelia


And since this is a garden blog  – here are some dwarf bearded iris  – yummy


The sun and warmth will return this week.. I can’t wait to see what will pop out..

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