Three Year Anniversary

It has been three years since I began this blog on the first day of Spring.  I am surprised in some ways that I have kept it going and also surprised by how much I enjoy it.  Sometimes it’s a challenge trying to come up with a new post.  But you know gardens… like life they keep changing and throwing stuff at us.  Too much sun, too much rain, not enough of this.. too much of that.  Always too many critters to deal with!

For this gardener, the first day of Spring is like New Year’s   – its resolution time!  This year I hope to:


  1. put on a new deck off the back steps
  2. buy a hand truck so I can move the Brugmansia around better ( its getting big and heavy)
  3. remove the groundhog (one way or another)
  4. move the rose bushes
  5. put soaker hoses in the veggie garden
  6. find a new critter fence to put around the veggie garden
  7. figure out what to do in the spaces where the big trees used to be
  8. etc etc etc..

It would be hard to add “spend more time in the garden”  to the list because I am out there a lot already, and I definitely “live in the moment” as far as enjoying it.  My garden gives me exercise, food, beautiful flowers and the occasional fright (snake!).  Its a place to celebrate new grandbabies, birthdays, fun with friends and family events.  Its also a place to go when life is not so kind, and I can lose myself in the wonders of nature.

So welcome to my new readers, I’m glad you have come along for the ride… I’m sure it will be a doozy… Happy  3rd blog anniversary to me and Happy Spring!

P.S. I photographed these shamrocks in Ireland last June, but I thought I would pop the photo in here for now.



2 thoughts on “Three Year Anniversary

  1. Wow. You make me tired just reading! But I know you will do all you have set out to do, and your readers will benefit! Love this blog. ❤

  2. Congratulations on three years!
    Groundhogs intrigue me. But of course I don’t have to live with one. If you were to haul it out of its burrow for a weather forecast would that annoy it sufficiently to prompt a departure?

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