A garden adjustment….

There were high winds in the area a few weeks ago and unfortunately we had some damage.  A huge fir cracked off at the base and came crashing down.


It fell away from the house… a good thing… and crashed onto the lupine meadow.. a bad thing.


We will have the tree removed in April  and take down some others as well.  The house looks pretty naked now.  We will have a lot more light on the east side…and the porch will get more sunlight.  Can I still drink my morning coffee on the porch in my bathrobe and not scandalize the neighbors?  I hope so!  The wrens have lost their nesting tree so I will need to find a new location for the wren houses.   I will also need to dig up all the shade plants that will no longer be in shade.  There were lots of May apples under that tree.  I think I my have some plants to share.



Gardening challenges never end.  And a blizzard is forecast for tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “A garden adjustment….

  1. I hope the blizzard wasn’t too bad, I know it’s been over two feet in places.
    Don’t worry too much about the shade plants. We chopped a spruce tree 80′ high because it was posing a threat to the house (6 feet from the walls). The plants around it, epimediums, hellebores etc are still doing just fine. They’re east facing too.

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