Happy Halloween.  I think today is the last day for the flowers… supposed to be in the 40s’s tomorrow windy and rainy and in the 20’s tomorrow night so the hard freeze will finally come.  I have been slowly working on the autumnal chores.  The iris and daylily and other “soft” foliage has been cut back, but I’ve left the woody stuff  for winter interest.  Today I’ll cut back the dahlias, cannas, and elephant ears and dig them up for overwintering.   The brugmansia, geraniums and all the other pots will come into the basement.  I’ve already brought in the succulents and orchids.   Some ivys and other things from the porch will come in as well.  The front hall will look like a tropical jungle until I figure out places to put everything.  I always save too much stuff.   I need a sunroom or greenhouse!

Here’s a few last looks before it all goes.

View out the upstairs window – this maple is always late but worth waiting for


Birch and maple


I love the heart shaped leaves on the Redbud in the foreground


The slide slope and back steps


Sunset from the porch


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