Putting the garden to bed and sand cast cement birdbaths

The leaves are going – the big wind and rain storm last week caused a lot of them to drop.  The 4 1/2 inches of rain we received here was much needed though.   We have escaped the heavy frost here so a few plants are still blooming –  dahlias, cannas, brugmansia, montauk daisies, sheffield mums, plumbago, verbena bonariensis and toad lilies to name a few.  I’ve moved a few things that needed moving and started cutting back some of the daylily foliage.  Its time to start putting the garden to bed,  but the big clean-up will have to wait another week or two.


Sheffield mums in front of a canna leaf


Highbush blueberry with gorgeous red foliage


A late turning maple framing some birch


Al fresco dining season is sadly over…


I thought it would be fun to see what else I’ve been doing to keep busy in the garden.   My garden club had a workshop where we learned to make sand cast cement birdbaths and I have made them three times now.

This is a rhubarb leafP1040531

Hosta leaf




Three medium sized elephants ears – each about 18 inches long –  which my sisters received in October as early Christmas gifts


A huge elephant ear and a papyrus  drying in the sun


Finished elephant ear  – with a flip flop for scale.  This one is heading to Florida in February.


I think I’ll be making more of these.

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