Autumnal foliage

I have had requests for fall foliage pix  from some readers who no longer live in the area.  On Wednesday, I took a walk with a friend and our dogs up a hill near our house and took a few photos.  Thursday morning, I took a walk around my neighborhood and snapped some more.  The light has been gorgeous and the leaves have really been putting on a show this year.   We had a big rain storm Thursday afternoon and the leaves really started coming off the trees.  Then the sun came out.  There was a rainbow and the trees were on fire.  Many leaves still linger today, but the peak is over and stick season is coming.

I love this tree – so many colors on the same branch


Williams Barn area – a mile from my house


More at Williams Barn


Williams Barn outbuildings


Cemetery across the street from my house


My side yard – close-up


More side yard


Hollis St – just around the corner


Hollis Street view from Common Street


Maples on Martin’s Pond Rd


Barn on my street


Rainbow after the storm.. view from my porch


Across the street


View from the porch


The sun came out after the storm and the light made this tree just flame orange





2 thoughts on “Autumnal foliage

  1. WOW! With a view like that from your porch, I’d be out there with a cup of coffee and my laptop all day long! Here, with few exceptions, the leaves just turn brown, or sometimes a bit yellowish. Enjoy the show while you can!

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