Allium bulgaricum (Nectaroscordum)

These funky plants are just the thing if you want something funky in your garden.   They are in the allium family and are bulbs.   They are very cool at all stages of development.  They  are all twisty when they first come up  and then the buds swell….




then they stretch out



then they start to unfurl



opening a bit more



ta da!



close up of the blossom.. aren’t they cool?




2 thoughts on “Allium bulgaricum (Nectaroscordum)

  1. I have a cousin who loves cool and unique things…and she scouts, sniffs around, hunts for them and always finds the neatest things. Soooooo, we always say that Betsy is at the top of the list for cool things……But, Betsy was toppled off by none other than Penelope……this plant is so way fabulous wonderful cool….where did you get it??????

    • I ordered it from a bulb catalogue.. not sure which one. Brent and Becky’s, Michigan bulb, John Scheepers.. one of those I think.. I need to divide it… perhaps in July when it dies back…..

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