Columbines – Aquileglia

These beauties have been blooming for a few weeks..  some of  the colors differ every year since they reseed and mutate.  Some of the names are long gone but the flowers are still beautiful.  The leaves often get a leaf miner which is unsightly but usually other foliage covers that up and the blossoms float above it all and strut their stuff.

Here is an alpine only 3 inches tall that bloomed in the alpine garden back in April



Wild columbine – Aquilegia canadensis



Burgundy and white bi-color



Common purple



I think this one is called Green Apples



Burgundy colored double



A pale pink one



One thought on “Columbines – Aquileglia

  1. I love the tall spikes of this flower..some of mine are snuggled in between hostas and not too visible until they shoot up and out and announce their presence. Such lovely colors.

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