Ah beautiful word, June.  It conjures up all sorts of wonderful things.  Today lived up to James Russell Lowell’s poem:

“AND what is so rare as a day in June?

Then, if ever, come perfect days;”

The garden is full of color, unfolding buds, and promise of things to come.  There are also invasions of bittersweet in the lupine meadow, red lily leaf beetles, and some ugly little green caterpillars eating the rhody leaves. Ack.  I’m trying to focus on the good stuff.

Clematis climbing up a blue spruce back where the shed used to be



Not much blooming – but lots of color.. love that foliage



Geranium macrorrhizum – I’ve had this plant forever.. moved it from a few houses.  It smells wonderful when you brush against it and the leaves turn a gorgeous burgundy in the fall.



Forget-me not .. almost spent



A funky viola complimenting the hosta ‘Marmalade’






I can’t remember what this is..



Centaurea montana.. also called perennial cornflower



Rhododendron buds



Tree peony from friend Olga



Zizia aptera.  I got this cool native plant a couple of years ago on a visit to Nasami Farm – the native plant nursery of the New England Wildflower Society.  It is also called Heart-leaved Golden Alexander.



Variegated Comfrey from friend Marilyn



Variegated Solomon’s seal from friend Sue B.




2 thoughts on “June

  1. I looked up Zizia aptera and found a plethora of information regarding its habitats etc. Many groups are very interested in its survival. The tree peony is gorgeous and I would like one please! 🙂
    Wonderful photography!!!!

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