July is the season of daylilies in my garden. They provide lots of color, require minimal maintenance and do well in drought. Which we have. July has been very hot and very dry. I spend most of my time hauling hoses around.

This is the “big picture” taken from the second floor of the house
An unknown name but very vigorous bloomer
“Techny Spider”
“Peggy Jeffcoat”
A wall of color
Magenta and pink astilbe which I just dug up and gave away much of it
Cimicifuga (white) and Thalictrum (pink)
Dad’s dahlias
Orchid cactus
A bunny lounging on the stone bench
Two spotted fawns following their mom into the woods

Hopefully the drought pattern will change in August. Between the drought, heat and varmints (voles, chipmunks, rabbits, deer and a groundhog) gardening has been a challenge this year.

4 thoughts on “July

  1. Gee, that orchid cactus is impressive. This is the first year that anyone can remember in which our orchid cacti did not bloom, at least in season. The cultivar with the biggest red flower put out an errant flower recently, which is rather late for our climate.

    • Thanks. I have had this one for 15 years or so I think. I put it in the basement in the winter and let it go semi dormant – it looks like a mess. I put on the porch in the summer and off it goes. I also have a large night blooming cereus that I have not been able to get to bloom. It has a carolina wren nest in it at the moment

      • Ha! I got my first night blooming cereus from my colleague down south in about 1990, and grew it for about two years. He liked how it was developing, so took it back down south with him, where it promptly bloomed. I brought it back here, where it grew larger, but never bloomed. He brought it back down south, where, as you can guess, it bloomed. That cactus has travelled thousands of miles, but blooms only in his garden, and not mine.

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