No, I haven’t disappeared. I have had some computer issues all month and finally picked up my new computer this morning. I can finally post again. October was lovely in Massachusetts. The foliage was a bit dull, but the weather was warm. We didn’t get frost until a couple nights ago. We had a big nor’easter and the wind blew most of the leaves off the trees, and we lost a big willow as well. I spent the month cutting back some perennials and moving some others. I was able to transplant the Japanese Iris into the old willow circle, and I hope for a beautiful display in the spring. There are still a few flowers around – dahlias were blooming a couple of days ago, but the frost finally got them. Here is a taste of October in my garden.

One thought on “October

  1. Autumn should be earlier there than here; but my angel’s trumpet is already taking a break from bloom. There are a few buds, but they will probably develop very slowly and bloom very sporadically. Your dahlias are prettier than ours also.

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