Spring is here. According to the calendar, and according to weather reports it sure looks like spring weather is here as well. There are reports of spring peepers. Will it last? Who knows. We usually get a tease or two of warm weather and then just when plants are up and sometimes even blooming, we get a snow in April or a big freeze and that messes everything up. We will have to see.

I’m writing this from afar so I can’t go out and actually look at the garden and send photos of shoots or buds. Are the daffodils up yet? Is the forsythia budding? Are the crocuses up and being eaten by rabbits? Did the voles return and eat everything over the winter? Did the deer break through the barriers and nibble the azalea buds? Have the bears come out of hibernation and torn down the bird feeders hoping for a few old seeds left behind? Those questions and more will have to wait a couple more weeks to be answered. There is work being done in the house while we are gone, and its not quite ready for us to come back yet. There will be much to see when we return, both inside and out.

In the meantime, we will enjoy a bit more of the ocean and warmth. This spring feels more hopeful than last year’s did. I look forward to seeing my gardening friends again in person and getting on with life.


Happy Spring!

3 thoughts on “March

      • Oh, I should have guessed the West Coats of Florida. There are more palms there than there are farther west on the Coast of the Gulf of Mexico and into Texas. Also, the prominent Mexican fan palms to the left, as well as the Canary Island date palms (and some date palm that I can not identify) are not so common on the East Coast of Florida.

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