January 2018

Its been cold, then warm, then cold , then warm again in Massachusetts…… or so I am told.  I have escaped south for a bit so I don’t know what my garden is doing.  I am glad that there was snow cover during the super cold weather though because that helps protect the plants.

I thought perhaps readers would like to see what I am up to in the (chilly and not very sunny) south.  I had some seeds at home that needed using so I brought them along and  planted some up in grocery store salad containers.  They have sprouted..


I also brought along some cuttings from my Brugmansia to give to a friend here in Florida and they have sprouted roots as well.


I have been bringing the orchids with me the last few years.  They spiked and I couldn’t leave them behind.  Now they are starting to bloom.  I think this year they will remain here in Florida at my son’s house when we return north.


Tillandsias are other plants that like to winter over with us however they will return home.


This little patch of succulents grace the front walk and look much better after much needed weeding.


There is so much color here… I found this beautiful specimen while walking the dog this morning.


And just for fun.. here’s one of my favorite mailboxes in the neighborhood


I hope readers enjoyed this little adventure in Florida gardening.



5 thoughts on “January 2018

  1. Brugmansias grow like weeds, and I never bother to protect mine. They recover nicely from frost. However, mine got cold enough in their cans to actually die. I am so bummed.

    • Hi Tony. The one I have is 7-8 years old.. I keep it in a huge pot and drag it into the basement (in Massachusetts) for the winter where it goes dormant. Then out again in the spring. Every winter I trim it back a bit so I can maneuver it and give away the cuttings..

      • That is way too much work. I think I would grow something that does well with the weather there instead. I only grow bugmansia because they do not want for much. I have white, pink, pale orange and bright yellow (Charles Grimaldi), all with single flowers. The white is the puniest. The pinks is rather lanky.

  2. Green with envy!!!!! But so happy you are there. Right about this time of year, I feel hints of Spring in the air. The sun’s warmth feels warmer and the air has a different smell when the temperature goes up a bit. Your pictures are delightful…just like you!
    ( I hope you have started collecting “Tillies” for your cold friends up north!!!! )

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