Natural materials for decor

The growing season is most definitely over here in Massachusetts but there are still many materials in the garden and meadows that can be harvested to augment seasonal decor.

My garden club decorated the local Historical Society for a benefit house tour last week.  Epimedium, sage, leucothoe, fruit, rhododendron, grasses and a few mum blossoms tucked in made for a beautiful mantel display.


I used cattails, grasses, smokebush, rhododendron, leucothoe and milkweed pods in maple sap buckets to brighten our doorway for Thanksgiving.


I gathered some of these materials on a walk one misty morning


I left these lichens and mosses right where they were but couldn’t resist photographing them.


The beavers seem to be doing a bit of remodeling.


I’ll be out and about collecting greens, winterberry, grasses, wild rose hips, fallen birch branches, pine cones  and other treasures as I plan my Christmas decor.  Stay tuned….


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