Gardening is a challenge this year.  Drought, chipmunks, rabbits, heat…the list goes on.   We were away for 2 1/2weeks (trip to Ireland) so the garden had to fend for itself.  Now that we are back I have been watering, fencing off some areas and otherwise letting nature take its course.  Many plants are stunted or were eaten or succumbed to the heat.  The rabbits did not eat the daylilies though and they are in their glory now.

Early morning after a shower


Summer colors




“Flamenco Christmas”


“Barbara Mitchell” and a photobomb from “Gentle Shepherd”


“Glistening Bouquet”


“Bold Marauder”


And the bold marauder himself!


Stokesia with “Rhinestone Kid”


Lavender in a pot by the back door






2 thoughts on “July

  1. Unbelievable photos, as ALWAYS! I can’t believe you caught that bunny, the picture looks like something out of Beatrix Potter. Garden is gorgeous too. Just gorgeous. xoxo

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  2. Unbelievable Penny……but not really, considering the origins of it all! Colors are magnificent and blend so well together.

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