Here it is Halloween already.  Fall went by too quickly.  The cutting back has begun.  It has a bit of double meaning this year.  I am cutting back on the number of plants I am keeping over the winter.  I had a huge “porch give-away” and many of the plants went to new homes.  I’ve also begun the arduous process of cutting back the garden.  Some I do with a lawn mower, some with clippers and some with garden scissors.  The leaves are mostly gone.. this is from last week before the rain and wind storm.


I also tried something new.  I love tulips but the voles and moles and deer and rabbits eat them.  So this year I am putting some in pots and then in the unheated space between the garage and basement.  I hope in the spring to have two pots of beautiful tulips instead of nibbled stems. A few things are still blooming.

Fall blooming crocus – Colchicum “Water lily”


My mom’s old fashioned mums


A view out the back window


I went paddling with old friends on the Squannacook River in W. Groton yesterday.  It was spectacular. We found this huge beaver lodge – I thought the entrance was quite nicely decorated.  On the left, you can see their winter food cache all stuck down in the mud and ready for winter munching.

Here it is


Good bye October…you were a beauty.

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