Hanging on through the drought…

The weather is spectacular…. cool crisp mornings and sunny afternoons.  Its very dry though, and I have had to do a little spot watering to keep things going.  I’ve been transplanting things too.  Many plants have just outgrown their spaces, and I decided its time to do some thinning.  Here’s what things look like now.

Dahlias provide lots of color


Feathery grasses in morning light


I ended up moving these grasses today because they were taking over the space.  I think I’ll put dahlias there next year


A long view.. I did a lot of thinning there today


Crabapples ripening – its a bumper crop and the birds will be happy this year


Today I visited an amazing garden in town and brought home some grapes..


Esther just likes hanging out on the back step watching me work


2 thoughts on “Hanging on through the drought…

  1. I love it all! But how do you keep them all going, it’s so dry! I’m watering a lot, but nothing except my poor construction-threatened lilacs looks very happy! Your dahlias are unbelievable! As is your loyal doggy.

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