The cool spring continues but the few warm days we had last week allowed the plants to start catching up with where they should be.   The trough plants are beginning to bloom and many of the ephemerals are starting their show.

This beautiful primrose  – Primula marginata ‘Bentham’ was – purchased three years ago and this year it is blooming in my soapstone sink trough


Saxifraga apiculata ‘Alba’ (the white one) and Saxifraga sancta (yellow) share trough space with an unknown pink bloom


These Hepatica buds are as lovely as the blossoms I think


I also have a wild Hepatica  – smaller and lighter blossom – peeking out from behind Dutchman’s breeches foliage


This is a new bloodroot I purchased last year  – Sanguinaria canadensis – pink form


The lettuce and spinach are up and I’m expecting peas, radishes and beets to break through any day now.  Now if Ma Nature could bring us a little more warmth, it would be most appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Ephemerals

  1. Glad to see your garden coming up again. Your command of the Latin names is astounding. Anxious to get my compost spread when I get back next week. Keep the pics coming

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