April assessment

We returned from the sunny south on April 1st – and nature had her little April Fool’s joke waiting for me  – still a lot of snow on the ground.    I didn’t blog much these last two months because I was very fortunate to be able to spend February and March at a little cottage 5 minutes from the beach in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Yes, I could have chronicled my adventures and posted beach photos and tropical foliage.  However, since the blog is about my garden here in Massachusetts, I thought the blog could rest along with the garden.

Now that I’m back, its time to assess the winter damage.  There is still a lot of snow on the ground but the temps are above freezing so the snow line retreats more each day.


The moles and voles were very busy under the snow, but I saw a fox this morning and there should be no shortage of breakfast for him.



The deer fence (fishing line strung between stakes) held up and the deer did not get into the azaleas.  I think I will leave the fence up for awhile though because any deer who survived will be ravenous.  I scouted around the yard and found pussy willows


a hellebore and snowdrops are blooming out by the road


shoots poking out of the ground


Goldfinches turning yellow


Spring is here – just slow……



4 thoughts on “April assessment

  1. Penny, what a great look at winter and its wake, out your way. Lots of signs of life, and you make it come alive. I don’t think we had so much activity here, east of you, but I wasn’t looking outside too much, especially at night! What great photos. Thank you!

  2. Hi Penny..I am so glad you are your blog are back in action here…can’t wait to see you this week. Nothing here seems to be emerging from the earth…yet. I have so much shade that the snow cover is not only very visible but here to stay for a while longer…..the plants are resting comfortably…hopefully.

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