Introducing “Primrose”

It is always easy to find a gift for a gardener.  Plants, tools, statuary, magazine subscriptions, books… the list is endless.   This year my garden and I received some very special treasures.  My kids and grandkid gave me this wonderful flying pig which was crafted in St.Petersburg, FL.  I have named her “Primrose” after one of my favorite early spring flowering plants.  Here she is wintering over in the south where she is enjoying the lovely weather…. she’ll come north to the garden in April and meet her namesakes.


Another lovely gift I received was a Hellebore from my dear friend Kim.  I had it in the house for awhile but since we’ve had a few days of warm weather, I decided to plant it outside.  It was yellowing a bit indoors but now seems happier outside, and I love looking out the window at something which is flowering this time of year.


The third special gift I received was a new green birdhouse made by my sister Betsy and her husband.  My Dad built green wren houses for my kids 25 yrs ago, but the houses have finally rotted away after much use.  Now I have a special replacement.. can’t wait to see who moves in this spring.



2 thoughts on “Introducing “Primrose”

  1. Cute and crazy! I also have a problem with yellow leaves on my indoor hellebore. I’ve tried to not overwater, which I thought might be the issue. Or something else? What did you determine caused your yellowing? Tx, Barbara

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