Garden stones and structures

Its raining hard outside, snow on the way in a couple of days.  Yesterday was the last hurrah for the lawn –  it was mowed and then the machinery was cleaned up and put to bed for the winter.  The last of the mums and other perennials were cut back and composted and other chores completed.  I put the deer fence put up around the azaleas and arbor vitae.  I use 6 foot tomato stakes pounded into the ground at intervals.  Then I take fishing line and string it at the top and also at about three feet high.  My dad always used this method around his veggie garden, and it works very well.   Its not the loveliest of garden structures,  but it keeps the deer from nibbling all the buds off things, so its worth it.

Speaking of garden structures….  since things are pretty much done out in the garden except for the wintry scenes to come, I thought I would show you some of the stone and other structures I have in my garden.  These photos were obviously taken earlier in the year.

This lovely lady was given to me by my in-laws..  she says, “welcome to my garden, please enter and enjoy”


I purchased the birdbath many years ago when we lived in Rhode Island, the globes were given to me by my sister Betsy and hang on shepherd’s hooks used in son Matt’s wedding.  The star came from neighbor Sally’s farm, the birdhouse was purchased locally



The fish mobile was given to me by my in-laws and came from Minnesota


This fencing was in the garden when we moved here.. I wasn’t sure I liked it at first but now I love it as it has aged and become covered in lichens


A sand cast cement birdbath I made this spring


Stone birdbaths purchased at  stoneyard nearby


Birdbaths with some water in them


An old soapstone bird of my grandmother’s


Granite bench which was in the middle of the field when we moved in..  it looks better in the garden


An iron dragonfly purchased in the San Juan Islands when on a trip with son and daughter in law in the 90’s


Beautiful old pot from Kilbridge’s in Groton


This soapstone sink was given to me by garden club friend Mollie.. I turned it into a trough


The birdbath was purchased locally, the iron pot is not old but has rusted nicely and makes a great trough for saxifraga


This rock sculpture was given to me by friend Joan and is called ‘Joanhenge”


Swan given to me by my sister Betsy for a special birthday


Here she is potted up


I gave this birdbath to my mom years ago, it broke into pieces one winter.. I glued it back together and now have it in my  garden


A trellis I purchased locally


Another cool trellis


We found this iron kettle under 3 feet of snow (after it melted) at our first house in W. Simsbury, CT in 1978


And last…  a living sculpture..  Happy Thanksgiving dear readers…I am thankful for all of you.






6 thoughts on “Garden stones and structures

  1. Penny, thanks for the tour of your garden treasures! My favorite has to be your grandmother’s soapstone bird – so sweet. The only trinket I have in my garden is a little white marble bunny, which is my peace offering to the bunny god so that the rabbits might stop eating my flowers…
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks Karen. There are a few other things but they are already tucked away until spring. I have not had luck with the rabbits. They even sneer at the dog. I use a lot of little chicken wire cages to keep them from eating things.

  2. Penny,
    I hope that you find inspiration throughout the winter and continue to post. Look forward to reading your blog and love the sentimentality.
    The “Joanhedge” is wonderful!
    Wishing you and Jim a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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