Bloom Day October

When I started this blog last spring, I discovered lots of other gardening blogs.  Many participate in something called garden bloom day.  On the 15th of every month gardeners all over post pictures of what is blooming in their gardens.  This is my first attempt at linking in to all that .. so here goes.. this is what’s happening in the garden today.  It has been a beautiful fall, and we have only had a light frost in the meadow so a lot of things are still hanging in there.

These dahlias are a bit faded but still nice – very old ones from my childhood that I have kept going for “ahem” decades


I love the edge color on this one – a miniature –  new this year – name tag is around somewhere


Autumn gentia – Gentian scabra ‘Zuikorindo’ – I have this in my alpine garden


Plumbago and iris foliage


Toad lily


Montauk daisy, some phlox and a dahlia peeking through


Sheffield daisy just beginning to unfold.. I call these Mom’s mums – because they came from my Mom’s garden


Allium ‘ozawa’


An African Blue basil and a marigold ‘Lemon Gem’  hanging out together in the herb garden


Maple and birch – the view from the back patio


And then there’s this guy..  I think those are definitely chipmunk cheeks – oh dear







3 thoughts on “Bloom Day October

  1. I, too, really like that edged dahlia. I tried growing dahlias here in Spain but didn’t have much luck. I also envy your fall foliage. I’m originally from Marlborough, MA, but I haven’t seen a New England autumn since 1992!

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