October 1

It is now autumnal out there in the garden.  We didn’t get frost yet so all the tender things are still blooming.  I’ve been transplanting and dividing some of the iris and daylilies that outgrew their spaces and moving around a few things that would look better elsewhere.  Its been very dry so I’ve had to water a bit too.


Cimicifuga ‘Black Negligee’ from friend Martha


Late blooming toad lily from friend Wendy


Canna and salvia

This rose came with the house – its competing for space with the Geranium macrorrhizum


I love the Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ and the smoke bush colors together..  these two are exactly where they were when we moved in


Withering daylily foliage


Here’s where I’ve done a bit of “remodeling” – the area was full of iris which have now been divided and shared with seven garden friends


This isn’t in my garden, but its just up the road a bit.. the leaves are definitely doing their thing




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