September song

The first week of September has been spectacular in my part of the world.  Although its dry and the lawn isn’t looking too great, many of the plants are singing their September songs.

Clematis ‘rooguchi’ –  a new addition this year.  I saw it at my friend Sue B.’s, loved it, and was thrilled to find it at a local nursery


Morning glories winding through the Rhododendron


Dwarf scabiosaP1040142

Torenia – I don’t grow many annuals any more, but these little faces are bright and bloom all summer long and into fall


Another ToreniaP1040147

Orostachys starting to bloom


Sedum sieboldii variagata


A sedum with a “lost” name


Sedum ‘angelina’ – still in its green will turn a beautiful orange soon


An afternoon view of the main garden









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