Colorpallooza – Rhodys and azaleas

The murk continues this morning.  Foggy, cool, gray, heavy rain.  Looks like a nice weekend coming up but until then.. here’s some rhododendrons and azaleas to cut though the gloom.


This tangerine number came with the house



Looks great against the weathered gray fence



This orange one also came with the house

P1000736 - Version 2


Together they are quite a sight



A spot of pink in the hillside – sundappled so the color is a little off



The ones on the left were waist high when we moved in 13 years ago



Now they provide a very colorful screen for the porch




I’ll close this wowza post with a poppy.. a few remain from the ones that were here when we moved in.  It came up through the blueberry bushes




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