Its a misty moisty morning.    I ventured out in the garden to take a peek at some things that opened up this morning  and discovered that the skeeters have hatched big time.  They chased me back indoors.  I have some photos of dew on the plants from a few other mornings and this seemed like a good morning to share them.

Lady’s mantle



Stachys byzantina



Tree peony petal



Tree peonies



Blue grass



Iris bud


One thought on “Dew

  1. OK, I am dusting off my camera and heading out to the gardens. I really like this weather. I am always reminded of the day of the funeral of Jim Crockett of GBH’s Victory garden, when tv announcer remarked something about it being too bad there was a light rain….someone else piped up that the weather was actually preferred by Crockett as the gardens love it…or something like that. Anyway, these pictures and their detail show the absolute majesty of unfolding beauty…Thanks

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