Flowering shrubs and trees

The forsythia is still hanging on due to the cool spring.   Pear blossoms are declining and a breeze is dispersing the petals into a fluttering whiteout.  The crabapples are popping but not in full bloom yet.  Lilacs are in full glory  and of course we are supposed to get heavy rain.. it seems like we always get a rainstorm when the lilacs are at their best.. the branches are so laden with blossom that they droop very low.  Therefore, I was out in my bathrobe this morning (lilac colored, so I blend) taking some pix before the showers come.

Three different colors in the front yard



Some old fashioned lilacs out behind old man willow – these used to reside  up in the main beds.. thank goodness we moved them when they were smaller



This beauty was in the garden when we moved here.  It took a hit in the October storm a few years ago , but has come back nicely..



This is a close-up of the blossom.. it has a pinkish hue and smells divine



Sand cherry on the left, flowering almond on the right



Sand cherry close-up



Flowering almond: when I was in 1st and 2nd grades we lived in an old Victorian house in Keene, New Hampshire.  There was this beautiful pink shrub in the side yard  that I adored.. one of my earliest garden memories.  I always wanted one but never got around to getting one.  When we moved to this house in 2001, there was a flowering almond in the garden.   I moved it from its original site to where it now blooms..   simply spectacular.




Eastern redbud:  my town has a group called Friends of the Trees.  They plant roadside trees where they think an area needs some beautification.  A few years ago my friend Suzanne G. asked if I would like some redbuds.   Well, yeah. Here they are in the area between my property and the neighbors.. looking over the lupine meadow (wait til you see that in bloom).  I live in a pretty great town, don’t you think?



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