Jeffersonia and other cool stuff

We’ve had a few warm days in a row and new things are  blooming every day out in the garden.  I am way behind in my pix and posts.  My garden club just concluded a successful plant sale which has kept me really busy for two weeks helping to get all the plants potted up.  Now I can back to my own garden….

Jeffersonia diphyllum started blooming about 10 days ago.  It is also called twin leaf and was named for Thomas Jefferson.  The blossoms last a few days, but the leaves will stay around and the shape is quite lovely.


Mossy saxifrage:  these little cuties are in the rock garden



Trillium cernuum – nodding wakerobin


Trillium luteum



Lathyrus vernus “Albo-roseus’ – this is a new plant for me this year.  It was purchased from Garden Vision Epimediums in Phillipston , MA.


Gentiana acaulis:  the color is spectacular.  They remind me of Switzerland.


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