The big picture

I have had a request for a photo of the garden that shows the whole thing.  I will try a panorama at some point, but for now here are two pix taken from the upstairs window.

Dahlias and other beauties will fill the empty spaces in the foreground and join the bearded, Siberian and Louisiana iris already there. Daylilies will eventually fill most of the area to the left of the stone bench, peonies are behind the bench, lots of iris to the right  and the Bradford pear is showing off right now.    Forsythia is blooming behind the fence. Hydrangea, azalea, rhododendron, lilac, wiegela, a smokebush and blueberries are the shrubby things not yet in bloom.



Here’s the other half..  The new veggie beds are behind the low fence, there’s an alpine trough in the soapstone sink, more daylilies, and then all the lovely little spring things behind the patio and in front of  the fence.  A red maple and crabapple will soon shade the patio. The slope behind the fence is a continuing challenge.  I’ll post a photo when it is at peak bloom .. probably next week.  The rock garden is out of view way over to the right.  More on that later.



Bradford pear blossom


Forsythia arching over the  meadow


Maple blossoms and a funky reflection in the patio table accompanied by E’s favorite rock



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