There is so much blooming now that I’m having trouble keeping up with the posts. The cool weather has been good for primroses.  Some have already bloomed, and some have yet to show off.  Here are some lovelys that are blooming in the garden now.

Peg’s Primrose –  that’s not the name of it but it was given to me by my friend Peg


I think this one came from my friend Theresa


A lovely yellow one..


Almost cream colored..




4 thoughts on “Primroses

  1. WOW…gorgeous little things. And, guess what, today, my friend Peg gave me a Primrose also…..we must travel in the same crowd!! I love your pics!!!!

  2. Lovely colors! so welcoming, and I thought primroses were only houseplants. Are there hardier primroses or can you put the houseplant outside?

    • Both. I have some that I have purchased at the grocery store for some winter color and I put those outside in the spring. Others are ones I have found in nurseries. They are very happy outside in the garden. They die back when summer comes.

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