A surprise

I purchased a yellow Clivia miniata many years ago from Logee’s Greenhouse in Connecticut.  It never bloomed, it got scale, it looked lousy, and yet I couldn’t quite part with it.  This year, I put in the basement and left it for the winter with instructions to be watered once a month.   When we returned the first of April, there was a bloom spike.  Ta da!


Outside it is not so lovely. We are forecast to have freezing rain and possible icing today and tonight.  The daffodils have buds on them so I will be out covering some of them with buckets so the weight of the ice doesn’t ruin them.

The Hepatica bloomed Friday when we had a warm interlude.  I think I will cover them as well.


Ah, spring in New England.  The roller coaster ride continues……..




It snowed…. and then it snowed some more… and I think its going to snow again.   Actually, this is really good for the garden.  We had terrible drought last summer so the snow should help the water table.  It is also a good insulation for all the plants.  The garden is resting.

Here’s my house after the last storm.


So while the garden rests, I think a walk in a warm place is in order.




Tulips and other plants – Florida version

I am not sure what my garden is doing at the moment because I am lucky to be away visiting in Florida.   Friends report that there has been ice, snow, rain, melt, freeze, more ice, so I hope my plants are safely snoozing.  Here are some lovely local plants I saw on a walk yesterday.

The bougainvillea are stunning.



Red Hibiscus


Orange Hibiscus


Bird of Paradise




I don’t know the name of this but I like the two different colored blossoms


And those tulips I mentioned?  There are lots of pretty shells here. The smaller ones are called banded tulips and the larger are the true tulips – one with a tillandsia tucked inside.





Daily daylilies

The daylily explosion has begun.  There was one very early one called “Elizabeth” that popped a few weeks ago but the real show is beginning now.  There are three that vie for the first June blossom.. .this year “Little Baby Cakes” won the prize.  Here’s a photo of it next to my granddaughter’s favorite rock.


There will be many more to come – perhaps a different bloom every day.   I planted a few new ones this spring, and I can’t wait to see what they look like.

Its frosty out there

It finally happened.  Jack Frost came by and put his special touch on everything.  In the early morning, the plants have beautiful frosty edgings.


Sunrise on the garden globe


The porch plants came inside to their winter home.. a  shower stall in the downstairs bathroom makes a great little greenhouse


By mid-morning, the sun has warmed things up.  The real cold is coming the end of the week so over the weekend it was time to finish the fall clean-up.  Patio and porch furniture came into the garage for the winter, ceramic birdbaths were emptied and stored away so they won’t crack, trellises/stakes/and supports stashed away and deer fence put up.   I took bushels and bushels of decaying plant material to the compost.  The Sheffield mums are still going strong so I left those alone.


Smokebush leaves continue to change


The gorgeous red blossoms on the pineapple sage remain


The meadow received its annual mowing


One last alpine strawberry


A thrift decided it wasn’t done yet


A leaf hanging on


And a turkey in a ma-a-ple tree……


My garden club maintains a lot of different areas in town and those all required clean-up this week too.  Yesterday we cleaned up the Blue Star Memorial so it would be ready for today’s ceremonies.  Thank you for your service, Veterans.