Spring has sprung. The garden is doing well. I lost some plants over the winter due to voles and deer. As always, I am moving some plants around because they have gotten too big or I want to fill a hole I created by moving other plants. The domino effect lives large in my garden. My big goal this season is to get the spreaders out and put them in the meadow where they can all fight it out for space. Mountain mint, Filapendula, Helianthus need to be dug and relocated.

Bloodroot – Pink form
Forsythia Hedge
Digging – what goes and what stays?
Red Emperor Tulips
Double bloodroot – Multiplex
Alpine Columbine in the rock garden
Primrose – note the double blossom on the right
Dutchman’s Breeches, WIld Ginger and Solomon’s Seal shoot
Forget me nots
Epimedium and rock iris
Primroses, Bloodroot, Trillium
Ahem – not a bird on the birdfeeder

The bluebirds are nesting in the houses we put up. Lilacs are budding. We have had plenty of April showers so May flowers should be beautiful.

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