It been a roller coaster month. Really hot and dry then cool and rainy. Critters galore. The rabbits continue to munch on some favorites. The bluebirds fledged and the robins and wrens are about ready to go. Deer circumvent the perimeter of the meadow. Chipmunks are everywhere now. Fireflies were out the other night. The praying mantis egg cases hatched and the polliwogs turned into frogs. Life goes on.

9 thoughts on “Mid-June

  1. Beautiful garden and lovely wildlife! Such a pretty bluebird. I read there are bluebirds in Oregon, but I guess not where I am, as I’ve never seen one.

    • Thank you Lisa. We have had a wonderful time watching them “house hunt”, build nests in the boxes, feed their young and watch them fledge. They are a beautiful color

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